A Brand Like no Other

After years of communication with my eminent clients whose life style and life principles could not leave a lasting mark on my sole, a unique opportunity has emerged, the opportunity to implement my Style and bring it to international markets.

I am called as a magician and mystifier who can make walls slide apart and disappear in space, caused ceiling hover in the air and turn the very nature into a personage of my own staged perfomance.

Possibly that is true as creativity is my passion. It relates to interior design, product, real estate and park planning as well as inventing marketing tools suitable for achieving success.

More than 20 years in business, today the brand is a designer for much larget projects than just interior decor. We promote our own philosophy and aesthetics in design and we do our way for marketing.

Years of experience brought ability to bring special service we may give to real estate investors, interior designers, architectural studios giving them one stop solution.

We always were as a niche luxury brand serving private clients mostly from high end society. This experience gave us unique chances to generate product and find so rare sources for it that now it opens foor to enter into investment business and generate projects for investors. While our product source could be opened now to the trade.

We act now as an investment idea generator and the party who is able to implement those ideas into life and bring our own product to provide turn-key service for investors and trade professionals for very attractive prices. We know how it works.

Alexander Anisimov
Founder & Creator

AC DISIGN is a managing partner of Al Sander Group. This group of European aristocracy generates investment projects where we act as a managing partner and the main supplier of most materials and design project concepts.