We create the conceptual design for the projects, the ones we are able to invest ourselves on a partnership basis. Each project is being designed to be a niche in the market. Our signature advantage is a good combination of investment office, design studio and our own factories to implement any of our ideas into life. It puts us aside from the others. Factory price control, quality control office and our logistic are the major points for success.

This section is for investors who are looking for unique projects.

Each project we generate for our clients is prepared as detailed CAD files, visualization and recommended material list. It would only require adaptation with a local architect based on the country regulations for construction.

When doing interiors we rely on our own factories, the ones allowing us to implement any design ideas. Totally, most of factories are loosing that ability and most of interior design specialists may work only with the existing collections. Custom made projects started being too much expensive for the clients.

In our situation, we are able to do all kinds of custom made projects but price is a key point to allow us feeling ourselves free in doing design and brining any kind of imagination and creativity into life to make it done.

You may commission us to create your brand line product based on the styles of your company concept. We have great experience of custom made design and provided this service to several luxury manufacturers. Besides, whatever product we use ourselves, it comes after our design.